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About Hugo Janzen

Hugo Janzen Audiovisuele Projecten B.V. realises demanding audiovisual projects.

Today’s multimedia productions are technically a tangle of wires and sensitive devices – a tangle of digital wonders, breathtaking effects and of refined pitfalls. What started as pictures combined with music, has developed into a highly specialized medium. This development continues and more is possible.

Hugo Janzen Audiovisuele Projecten B.V. takes pride in creating the most comprehensive presentations possible, everywhere!

Project Support

The creative team starts with a communication concept for every multimedia presentation. Our job starts after that: everything on paper we bring to life on screen. We manage the gap between the creative design and rational technical hardware.

Sphere of Work

We handle continuous and temporary projects. Examples of continuous projects are presentations in auditoria, exposition centres and showrooms. In developing the project we work together with the creative team, in order to keep it technically viable.
Temporary projects like congresses and events can be delivered turnkey.


Combining multimedia systems is essential to get the job done. Our daily brands are Dataton/Watchout, Pixilab/Blocks, Universe Control, Medialon Manager, BrightSign, Netgear, Moxa, Datapath, RTI, StreamDeck, etc.